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About The ARC

To carry on RPG’s rich tradition of research and innovation, we have commissioned the Acoustical Research Center or the ARC, which we are excited to share with the architectural acoustic design community.


This state-of-the-art laboratory will focus on acoustic research, measurement methodology, and product design and development through its advanced simulation capabilities.


There is more to the ARC than the state-of-the-art laboratory and simulation chamber. We will collaborate with what we are calling the “ARC Associates” from academia, acoustics, and architecture. 

The ARC allows the measurement of the random incidence absorption coefficient, according to ISO-354, the scattering coefficient, according to ISO 17497-1; the correlation scattering coefficient, the diffusion coefficient, according to ISO-17497-2, the normal incidence absorption coefficient from 63 Hz to 4KHz and the normal incidence low-frequency absorption coefficient from 25-250 Hz, according to ISO-10534-2.

Contact us to set up a call to learn more about the ARC.

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