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Diffuse Reflections Index

The Acoustical Research Center:

DR 220401: The ARC


Experimental Measurement Lab:

DR 220407: Rev Room

DR 220414: Low-Frequency Impedance Tube

DR 220421: Broad Bandwidth Impedance Tube

DR 220428: What is an acoustical fabric?

DR 220505: Evolution of the Diffusion Coefficient Using a Goniometer (ISO 17497-2)

DR 220512: Isolate Scattering and Calculate the Diffusion Coefficient

DR 220519: Near Field Polar Responses and Periodicity Effects

DR 220526: Introducing a Real and Virtual Goniometer


Virtual Simulation Lab:

DR 220602: Introducing the Virtual Goniometer (VIRGO)

DR 220609: Comparing VIRGO with an Experimental Measurement

DR 220616: Simulating a hemisphere with the 3D Virtual Goniometer

DR 220623: Using Modern Distributed Cloud Clusters with Terabytes of RAM

DR 220630: VIRGO Presentation Template


Virtual Education Lab:

DR 220707: Welcome to the Virtual Education Lab

DR 220714: What is a specular reflection?

DR 220721: Comparison of experimental specular reflections with VIRGO

DR 220728: Potential specular reflection interference in a recording studio control room

DR 220804: What does a comb filter look and sound like?

DR 220811: What is the Speaker Boundary Interference Response and how can it be mitigated?

DR 220818: Does the uniform scattering from a semicylinder remove the comb filtering produced by specular

                    reflections from a flat surface?

DR 220825: What type of scattering behavior is exhibited by triangles and pyramids?

DR 220901: Introducing a new acoustical surface treatment called the Returner

DR 220908: Where are we in the ARC Virtual Educational Lab curriculum?

DR 220915: The origin of a uniform sound diffuser

DR 220922: What happened next?

DR 220929: The first RPG measurement

DR 221006: The first RPG application

DR 221013: From revolutionary to evolutionary

DR 221020: The QRD design procedure

DR 221027: The effect of the prime number and the number of periods on the polar response

DR 221103: How to design a 1D primitive root diffuser

DR 221110: How to design a 2D QRD

DR 221117: How to design a 2D PRD

DR 221208: Overcoming number theoretic reflection phase grating limitations

DR 221215: How is the diffusion bandwidth expanded with a diffusing fractal (Diffractal)?

DR 221221: The Evolution of the Diffusing Fractal (Diffractal)

DR 230112: How to minimize the grating lobes generated by a periodic diffusor array?

DR 230120: How do you remove the flat plate frequencies and create an optimal asymmetric diffusor?

DR 230127: What was the evolution of the optimal reflection phase grating diffusor?

DR 230203: Introducing the Shape Optimization System

DR 230210: Shape Optimizer software details 

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